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After successful trials over several years and now adoption of Hi-TechAg Solutions products and agronomy on our own farming enterprise, we saw a great opportunity to partner with a company that truly listens to the requirements of the modern day farmer. We thought it logical, with our experience in broad acre farming, tied with our experience in bulk liquid distribution, that we pair with HiTech Ag to offer more cost effective liquid fertiliser options.

Despite the widespread adoption of liquid fertilisers for broad acre use world wide. It became increasingly frustrating that only liquid nitrogen fertiliser products werebeing supplied in bulk quantities for broad acre farmers in Western Australia. Hi-Tech Ag has brought widely adopted products and principles across from the Horticultural and Viticultural sectors in Western Australia to the broad acre scene. On top of this and in conjunction with the farmers they supply, Hi Tech Ag have gone on to locally manufacture products which specifically meet the needs of Australia broad acre farmers both in Crop and Livestock production.

We at Becks Bulk Solutions are looking to build on the success of these products by providing a local and more cost effective distribution system, catering for farmers of all sizes and sectors. 

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